Pandemic Flu: An Exercise in Disaster Preparedness

The Pandemic Flu mini-course typically takes place in October or November of each year. This mini-course prepares future health professionals to address the threats and consequences of public health emergencies, and underscores the importance of collaboration across professional lines.

Students work with members of the expert panel in the Emergency Operations CenterStudents learn to articulate the roles and functions of different health and human service professionals and to explain how cooperation among federal, state and local jurisdictions and public-private agencies and organizations can improve effective disease control measures. 

After completing the preparatory online learning, students spend several hours in a simulated pandemic emergency. Together, interprofessional teams of 6-8 students explore the complex social, psychological, legal and public health issues faced during a public health emergency.

A high profile and interprofessional panel of experts, stationed in the “Emergency Operations Center” (EOC), provides feedback and answers student questions throughout the course of the simulated pandemic.

Interprofessional teams of facilitators from academia and practice are also on-hand to answer questions and encourage full participation from all team members.

Details and Registration Information

Pandemic Flu is a four-week non-credit mini-course with approximately two hours of online learning and a three-hour live interprofessional teamwork exercise. 

The mini-course is open to students in a variety of disciplines, including but not limited to: medicine, nursing, pharmacy, physician assistant, public health, social work and law.

Students in medicine, pharmacy and nursing are automatically registered for the mini-course through their college and IPEP.

Registration information for students in other disciplines is posted on the website and Facebook in the months leading up to the mini-course.

You can read more about the Pandemic Flu mini-course in this IPEP Blog article.

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