Solidarity Day: Interprofessional Education in Motion

By Jody Thompson on Feb 7, 2013

2013 Solidarity Day participants joining hands to form a human chain

On Thursday, February 14, 2013, the UA College of Medicine’s Gold Humanism Honor Society (GHHS) will gather for the 3rd Annual Solidarity Day for Humanism in Medicine. This year, The University of Arizona Medical Center (UAMC) and the University of Arizona Health Sciences Colleges (AHSC) join them with the AHSC’s Employee Appreciation Event for a network-wide celebration of the human connection.

Solidarity Day for Humanism in Medicine and Compassionate Patient Care was initiated in 2011 after the tragic shootings in Tucson, Arizona to recognize the UAMC physicians, nurses and healthcare staff for their heroic response in the emergency. This year the event is incorporating “Just Five Minutes” which is a concept adopted from the initiative created by Oregon Health and Science University encouraging participants to take some extra time to listen to their patients and colleagues.

Solidarity Day begins with the formation of the “Human Chain” that everyone is invited to join. Health professionals, faculty, students, staff and patients together, all representing the fundamental values the Interprofessional Education & Practice program (IPEP) fosters: the human connection and coming together for an important cause.

When asked how IPEP plays a role in “Humanism in Medicine,” Solidarity Day 2013 Events Coordinator, 4th year medical student and member of GHHS, Randi Heller explained:

“Every member of a healthcare team plays an important role in compassionate patient care delivery. Each member of the team needs to understand the other member’s roles in order to be able to effectively work together with the common goal of putting the patient’s needs first and delivering the best care possible.”

After the Human Chain, GHHS students and faculty members in attendance, including GHHS Advisor and IPEP Director, Dr. Andreas A. Theodorou, will be introduced. There will be brief readings of observed acts of humanism in the AHSC’s institution. UA College of Medicine’s student-run a capella group, DOC-Appella, will perform during the event, followed by author Judith Hannan’s presentation from her book, Motherhood Exaggerated.

When asked about the connection between IPEP and this year’s Solidarity Day event, Dr. Theodorou offered “It’s a great opportunity to connect in a truly Interprofessional way, across departments, programs and roles,” Dr. Theodorou explained, “and the shared goal for all of us at UAHN is a powerful one: the best and most compassionate care possible for the patients in our community!”

Last year, close to 300 participants celebrated in the Solidarity Day events. This year, more than 1,000 are expected to attend. All of the AHSC and UAMC community are invited to participate in this inspiring event. See you at GHHS Solidarity Day 2013!

Please visit the Medical Humanities website and The Gold Humanism Honor Society website for more information about GHHS and Solidarity Day for Humanism in Medicine

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Jody Thompson

Jody Thompson is the Communications Assistant for IPEP and a Senior at the University of Arizona Honors College where she is completing her degree in Creative Writing with a minor in English. Ms. Thompson was awarded the 2011 Martindale Literary Award and has had prose and poetry appear in multiple publications.

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