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UAHN CEO, Dr. Michael Waldrum  speaking at the 2014 UAHN LDI

Interprofessional Education’s Transition to Practice: The UAHN Leadership Development Institute

By Jody Thompson on Apr 3, 2014

Something different occurred on the University of Arizona campus in February in the world of interprofessional education and practice. Health professionals, not students, from all fields gathered for a day of collaborative activities, lectures and engagement all centered on improving the patient experience at both the University of Arizona Medical Center (UAMC) Main and South Campuses. 

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interprofessional CPR student team

Putting Interprofessional Education into Practice: IPEP CPR Team Behavior Simulation

By Jody Thompson on Mar 19, 2014

Imagine having the opportunity to practice communication skills while interacting with some of the most sophisticated simulation technology in healthcare. For the students at the University of Arizona Health Sciences Center (AHSC), this is a reality. Every year, the University of Arizona (UA) Interprofessional Education and Practice program (IPEP) mini-course, CPR Team Behavior Simulation occurs between February through April and involves three key elements including online learning, a clinical lecture and a live, team-based simulation activity with students from the colleges of medicine, nursing and pharmacy participating.

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disabled man withn doctor

Ever Wonder How the Health Care System Differs for an Individual with a Disability?

By Carol McCabe on Mar 6, 2014

For the first time, the Interprofessional Education & Practice program (IPEP) mini-course, Disabilities: An Interprofessional Exercise, will be a statewide event including students from the University of Arizona (UA) Tucson and Phoenix campuses, Arizona State University and Northern Arizona University. Another first will be the addition of occupational therapists (OT) and physical therapist (PT) students. In addition to OTs and PTs, this year’s mini-course will offer students an opportunity to interact with peers in medicine, nursing, pharmacy, law, public health and social work.

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Teamwork in Chest Compression Only CPR

REACT: Teaching Teamwork in Chest Compression Only CPR

By Tim Tiutan on Feb 24, 2014

Have you ever watched a scene in a medical TV show, such as Grey’s Anatomy, where an individual goes spontaneously into cardiac arrest in public? During such a scene, you may find yourself fixated on a seemingly ambitious bystander or medical professional who tries to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) by pushing down on the patient’s chest. Although scenes like this tend to make riveting stories, what viewers may not realize is that the “CPR” being performed is far from real and is ineffective.

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healthcare professionals meeting

The Advancement of Healthcare Culture Through Interprofessional Education

By Michael Waldrum on Feb 10, 2014

Healthcare culture today is fraught with complexity and cultural misalignment which contribute to poor quality care and patient safety, poor coordination of care, marginal patient experience ratings and poor provider satisfaction. If culture is defined as “how we do things around here,” then the healthcare culture of today is not doing the things that contribute to the health and safety of its patients and those that provide care. Interprofessional education and practice are essential to the advancement of healthcare outcomes.

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Listen: A Personal Story of Teamwork to Manage Hearing Impairment at Work

By Carol McCabe on Jan 22, 2014

Listen…do you hear that? That’s the breeze blowing through the leaves on the trees. Listen…what’s that? That’s the sound of someone typing on a keyboard, or the click of the mouse.

As a hearing-impaired person, I didn’t ‘hear that.’ I didn’t know that leaves made rustling sounds or that pushing a key down on a keyboard made clicking noises. And I didn’t know about all the things that I didn’t hear. 

What I did know was that conversation and communication were difficult, many people rolled their eyes at me when I responded to their statement or question (in response to what ‘I heard’) and I was often perceived as unintelligent because my responses didn’t match the topic of conversation. What I did know was that I was unhappy, frustrated, and angry at life in general.

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An Interprofessional Year in Review: Bringing Together Students, Faculty and Practitioners for Better Patient Care

By Yvonne Price on Jan 10, 2014

At the University of Arizona Health Sciences Center (AHSC), the mission of the Interprofessional Education & Practice Program (IPEP) is to provide opportunities for students and trainees to learn and practice together in interprofessional (IP) teams in order to improve the health of their patients, families and communities.

IPEP brings together participants from the University of Arizona (UA) Colleges of Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy and Public Health as well as from other disciplines and universities.

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